Watch Now – On the Rocks

In what becomes a journey led by circumstance, Laura (Rashida Jones) re-kindles her relationship with her art dealer father, Felix (Bill Murray) after she finds her marriage potentially on the rocks because she suspects her workaholic husband, Dean (Marlon Wayans) of cheating. Felix accompanies Laura through New York City – and beyond – in an attempt to catch Dean in the act; In a way that only a playboy, such as Felix, would know how to do.


There is more than meets the eye here. Written and directed by Sofia Coppola, “On the Rocks” is layered. Beyond Felix’s eccentricities, smart dressing, and dry humor and beyond Laura’s mundane life is a window into New York City as New Yorkers experience it. Coppola sharply casts the city as its own character, equally as important as the role of C.C. Baxter’s apartment in Billy Wilder’s “The Apartment”.

Bill Murray and Rashida Jones are charming, and we enjoyed Coppola’s sharp writing and directing. Available on Apple TV+. 4/5 stars.

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